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DUI Lawyers Attorneys Myths and Misconceptions

DUI lawyers attorneys, and police officers discredit many myths about alcohol use. Many of these common myths and misconceptions have landed drivers in the back seat of a patrol car.

  • "If I have too much to drink, I can drink a lot of coffee to sober up quickly."

    Not really. Drinking a lot of coffee after drinking too much alcohol may, however, increase your discomfort through the need to use the bathroom while being transported to the jail on DUI or DWI charges. Only time reverses impairment.

  • "Will eating breath mints after drinking mask alcohol with the BAC 'breath test'?"

    Eating mints will not affect your BAC level since it isn't the smell of your breath, but the alcohol content, that's measured. Using breath mints, however, may earn you points with the arresting officer if you normally have bad breath.

  • "Well, at least eating breath mints might fool the officer, right?"

    The police are not really fooled when they see a combination of erratic driving behavior and powerfully minty breath.

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  • Another myth is that preparing yourself by eating certain foods before an evening of heavy drinking will help keep your sober. Is that true?"

    The only relation we've seen between what you eat before drinking and your drunkenness is that the more you drink, the more likely we are to find what you ate on your shirt, or on the floorboard of the patrol car.

  • "If I eat a BIG meal before drinking, won't that help keep me from getting drunk?"

    How much you have eaten, and how recently, may have a small effect on how quickly or slowly the alcohol you consume will enter your bloodstream, but it won't stop the alcohol from entering. If you drink too much, you will become intoxicated.

  • "Will splashing cold water on my face or taking a cold shower help sober me up?"

    Splash away! And by all means, take a cold shower. It may make you cleaner, but it won't sober you up or make you a safe driver.

  • "Will running around the block a few times sober me up enough to drive home?"

    Exercise won't sober you up any faster and running around anywhere isn't any safer than driving while impaired.

  • "I couldn't even taste the alcohol in that drink. I can't be drunk!"

    Party-goers, beware. Fruit juices have the ability to mask the taste of alcohol. A fruit "punch" can contain a substantial amount of alcohol without the taste of the alcohol being noticed — but it will make you just as drunk as alcohol you can taste in another kind of drink. A mild-tasting cup of punch at a party may contain more alcohol than any normal drink you would buy at a bar. Calculate YOUR breath alcohol content.

    Nothing sobers up a drinker better than time. If you're out with someone who needs time, get their car keys!

    If you or a friend find yourselves facing a DUI or DWI, call an experienced lawyer who will fight for you, and do it soon. Time really does matter with alcohol related offenses.

    The fact is that these DUI / DWI penalties may be avoided or at least minimized with the help of an experienced attorney who concentrates on DUI / DWI defense.

    A skilled lawyer will challenge most evidence submitted against you in a drunk-driving case and try to create "reasonable doubt" as to your guilt.

    Let Excellent Lawyers Compete For Your Business and It's 100% FREE

    Having a lawyer to plead your DUI or DWI case is essential. Get the best DUI lawyer you can; one who knows the State DUI Laws, the DUI consequences, and the DUI fines and penalties for YOUR best outcome and to stay out of jail.

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    Resources For Driving Charges

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    Start earning your license now. Our state-approved online drivers ed is fun and easy to follow. Learn at your own pace and get everything you need to become a safe, confident driver.

    Additional Resources To Preserve Your License

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