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Do I have to sign a Amended 2nd ticket when the first speeding ticket was already signed?

Can a police officer force a defendent to sign amendment ticket in mayors court and if the defendent refuses to sign the amendment ticket can the officer

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Cancel Child Support Order

I have a child support order done by the State. I would like to cancel the child support. How can I do it?

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Speeding Ticket in Kansas or Missouri? $99 Attorney Fee at KC Traffic Law Central

If you've received a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket in Kansas or Missouri and you'd like an attorney to have the ticket amended or fixed to keep

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SIS in Regards to Criminal Record

I have an SIS from MO. I successfully completed the 5 year probation without any problems. I have been turned down for apartments, etc. based on my criminal

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Durable Power Of Attorney Template

Durable power of attorney template FREE download. Need a State Specific Durable POA? Power of attorney for health care decisions? How does it differ from a living will? Free living will forms and resources.

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Employee Handbook Templates

Employee handbook templates FREE 26 pages to download, personalize and print out. Protect yourself and create your own professional employee handbook right here.

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Divorce Cost Calculator

Divorce cost calculator See how much your divorce will cost. DIY divorce or online divorce, do you really need a divorce lawyer? Is legal separation better than divorce?

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Driving Doughnuts in an Empty Gravel Lot

Driving Doughnuts in an empty gravel lot: There is an empty lot of gravel on a backroad in my town. I was doing a few doughnuts in the lot, it was me

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Vacation Rental Agreement Template

Vacation rental agreement template free for you to download and personalize to fit the needs of your particular rental property. Several free versions to help protect your interests by having everything in writing. 3 free vacation rental agreements.

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State Seeks Child Support from Father

State Seeks Child Support from Father: My son and his girlfriend have a son together. They hit a rough patch and were living apart for awhile, during which

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Free Printable Legal Forms

Free printable legal forms for many legal problems. No sign up or sign in, just 100% free.Free legal document templates and free legal letters to download and personalize. Free power of attorney forms.

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San Diego County CSE employees and judicial officers won't do their jobs

My child support arrearages are up to a whopping $189,701.93 and that doesn't include judicial interest. I don't even know where to start with this nightmare

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Georgia DHR are not here for YOU!!!

I called Ms. Chambers twice and during both of my conversation Ms. Chambers cannot help but to inform me of my responsibilities. Ms. Chambers feels

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Power Of Attorney Template

Power of attorney template is free, downloadable, and customizable. POA FAQs. Spouse as power of attorney? Revoking POA? Durable power of attorney forms or POA for legal transfers. Revoke power of attorney. State specific POA. Power or attorney over trust?.

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Last Will and Testament

Last will and testament - Top 7 FAQs Frequently asked questions. Free printable legal last will forms. Information you need to do it yourself or inexpensive easy to use software.

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Free Legal Will Form

Free legal will form Top Picks to structure for husband and wife combined will.Should they be listed together or separate? Free legal will download resources and frequently asked questions.

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Free Last Will Download

Free last will download, 11 Pg in-depth blank last will form, personalize it and print it out. Here is a free last will and also living will - several styles to choose from and FAQs.

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Christian Living Will Sample

Christian living will sample free to download. Biblical references to advanced directives for health care decisions. Free living will and resources.

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Living Will Samples Free Templates

Living will samples - 2 free samples of advanced directive forms and resources. Essential information for anyone who does not have a living will. Fill one out now while you're able and save your loved ones some grief

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Living Will

Everyone should have a living will or an advanced directive - Here's why. Free living will template, sample forms and resources for living wills and power of attorney for health care decisions.

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