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by mary
(licking county ohio)

my son had a child out of wedlock the mother has refused to let him see him on multiple occasions the first time was 11 and a half months this time it has been more than 3 years.

we have tried to hold her in contempt only to have the court dismiss the case and keep my money. my son does owe back child support. he got married and had another child 2 years later mom walked out on son and child when the baby was six months old. my son now has a third child. that brings us to my problem with the system. my son is currantly in jail for non payment of his oldest childs support.

i agree he should have to help with the childs support i also feel she should have to allow court ordered visitation. any how when he had the other children he called his case worker to inform them they told him to bring in prove and a reveiw hearing would be set up. it never has his other children are 4 and 2 he no longer makes as much money as a matter of fact he works through a temp service because if the first childs mom knows exactly where he works she calls in asking for him until he is let go for too many personal phone calls.

the child support agency provides her with this information. they have even made a mistake and sent her papers with my son's social not whited out. now my other grandchildren have to suffer because in order to support them after losing a job he could not make payments out of pocket before they started pulling it from his check automatically because he had to catch up things like rent and electtricity for the other 2 small children. we were just told that there was a special form he was supposed to be using for the modification but they will not
let him file it because he is in jail and occuring further arrearages in his child support. this system is totally flawed in a big way. for an agency that was supposed to be for the children it is failing them greatly when it is letting parents keep children from knowing there other parent and siblings when there is no good reason to do so.

i can see it if the parent walked away at six months like my daughter in law did and took up with people threatening that child but in my sons case all he did was not do things on her terms. she went as far as to tell the child support attorney that my son and i refused to see the child which is totally untrue. she was mad cause she was not invited to our family gatherings anylonger after she started causeing problems. i guess you should know that at the time of the childs birt they were not together and i was her lamaz coach. i stood by her through false labor and many scared that sometimes come with a first pregnancy.

i feel that my rights or lack there of to see my grandson has been trampled right along with my sons rights and his son and daughters rights to know there bother. this is very wrong and i dont' have any answers to help my son or grandchildren as i have next to no income of my own. my ex husband was more than 7,000.00 in arrears and still got to see his children and never spent a night in jail because of it. my son owes 2,300 approximately because his support order has not been adjusted in 6 years. he makes 8 an hour trying to support the other 2 and pay for the one he cannot see.

if anyone has answers i would really love to hear them. i have not been able to come up with anything helpful.


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I know the feeling of not getting any child support myself. My soon to be ex husband went to court on child support he owes the amount $10,731.91 in the pass two years i have recived one payment of $479.20 and that was only because he had no drivers license. That was for a reinstatement fee in witch inturn the two children got it.

I filed back in 2009 for childsupport and he has learned how to work the system because he has been infront of the judge twice already this year and has walked without paying a dime..."NOTHING AT ALL" is this so ?

They keep saying they were putting it back on the courts calender for a later date , the first time he went to court i got a letter saying that the judge put his court date off due because he has a hearing in court for ssi and that they set it for a date after the hearing for ssi.

OK, now he went to that one and again the same thing ???? this is twice now. It's just a joke when he plays the judge. He is 24 years old and isnt a dang thing wrong with him other then he is just to dang lazy to get off his butt and get a job , day care alone for our two little boys is costing me 51.00 a week and thats with help from caps program.

I can't even afford to pay it all alone if I had to daycare for one child is 95.00 a week that's $190.00 a week and every thing else that goes along with raising a child.

I work everyday making $8.50 a hour at a good job trying to support my children the best i can. I don't see that it's fair to my children at all ..I told him I pay my child support everyday when I roll my butt outta that bed and go to work.

Grandchildren Child Support - Me Too
by: Anonymous

We are in the same situation except mom to child#1 has never taken care of the child. She lives with her grandmother while mom collects the money and grandmother calls us for money outside of support to support child since mother will not give her the support money.

We have been battling for 12 years now. If you find an answer to how to make the system work for the kid instead of always working for the crooked mothers-please let me know. We just count down the days till shes 21 and we can stop struggling to support her mother.

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