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ticket amendment, speed trap location, detect speed traps, red light camera locations If you're the owner of a speeding ticket or other moving violation, you may be wondering about the best course of action. How do you beat a speeding ticket?

No matter what state you live in, there are real consequences to the way you handle a traffic violation.

And whatever course of action you choose, be aware that it's difficult to "undo" later.

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Often, drivers believe they have 2 options when they receive a speeding ticket.

But Most Drivers Have 3 Options

1. Pay The Ticket - This is appealing for many reasons. When anything negative happens, we just want to make it go away.

And the courts, in turn, make it easy for you to just pay a ticket - offering mail-in instructions and a plea offering of "no contest" so that it is more acceptable for drivers to agree to. Be aware that in most states, pleading "no contest" is basically the same and incurs the same damage to your driving record as pleading guilty.

The court wants you to agree that you are guilty as charged and send them the money; plain and simple. They have no interest in informing you as to the consequences of your plea. And by the time you realize that there are real consequences to your "no contest" plea, it's too late.

2. Fight The Ticket - This is a less appealing option for many reasons; being that you usually lose, it takes lots of time, patience, and perserverence.

People say it's because of the principle. They weren't speeding or they were going with the flow of traffic or a hundred other reasons they didn't deserve the ticket.

AND, maybe you didn't deserve the ticket. You just have to decide if it's really worth it in terms of your time to fight it.

But there is a another option:

3. Have The Ticket Amended - Many drivers are not aware that they can have (in many cases), their speeding ticket or other moving violation amended to a lesser violation - generally a non-moving violation.

The important point is that a non-moving violation is not a "strike" against your driving record; meaning "points" in some states or "occurrences" in others - the terminology varies but the consequences are the same - each is one step closer to a suspended license, increased insurance rates, and all the other negative "perks" that accompany moving violations on your driving record.

This action is generally handled by an attorney who basically negotiates with the prosecutor to reduce the charge in exchange for an "enhanced" or greater fine. The charge may then be reduced to a non-moving violation; which is often "defective equipment" in some states and "illegal parking" in other states. Various terminology is used, but they all point to a "non-moving" violation that does not incur "points" against your record.

The benefit to this "amendment" is of course that your driving record stays clear of the charge. Additionally, you do not of course incur the adverse effects of a tarnished driving record; such as increased insurance premiums, reduced credit score, and many other possible consequences.

The cost of having a ticket amended is an attorney fee and the "enhanced fine". The attorney can often go to court for you and handle the entire matter over the phone. Certain courts or certain charges may require your presence in court but that is not generally the case.

How to beat a speeding ticket? Get a free Traffic Attorney consultation and see what best suits your needs!

Resources for Kansas and Missouri traffic violations.

The Most Impressive DUI Video You Will Ever See.
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Free Speed Trap Location Software
Share These Free Links With Friends - Just Copy & Paste!

Here's a link for free speed trap location software for your cell phone. It's compatible with:

*iPhone speed trap location software
* BlackBerry speed trap location software
* Android (the TMobile G1 and others) speed trap software
* Nokia N95, N96, N97, 5800, E71, and other Symbian s60 phones speed trap software
* Palm WebOS phones such as Pre and Pixi speed trap software
* Windows Mobile touch screen phones with 6.0, 6.1, or 6.5 OS and GPS
* Unlocked J2ME phones with GPS (for example the Sprint Samsung Instinct)

If you don't have one of these phones you can still get text message alerts with maps on any phone that supports text messaging and report speed traps or camera ticketing locations that you see using our 1-800 tip line.

Here's another great resource that's completely free. This link is to a huge list of speed trap locations for all 50 United States and Canada as well.

Check it out and please use this easy copy and paste link to share speeding ticket tips with your friends and family. They'll thank you and it could save them a lot of grief and money!

Resources For Speeding Tickets And Traffic Violations

Protect Your License, Your Freedom - Stay Out Of Jail

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